Tasting of Lithuanian dishes and drinks


During the tasting, every guest can taste special Lithuanian treats which range from the oldest heritage recipes to nobleman dishes. Especially great attention is given to the taste of the dishes, which is combined with food aesthetics and presentation culture. One can indulge in substantial Lithuanian nobleman dishes (lamb heel, pork ribs, neck in wine sauce, traditional zeppelins, poultry dishes...) and taste vegetarian, lighter (potato balls with spinach....) or other (salad, homemade dumplings, deserts...) dishes.
Undoubtedly it is necessary to taste and compare the beer brewed in various minor Lithuanian breweries. These are one of the most famous Lithuanian manufacturers who have kept the old beer brewing traditions and exceptional taste.
When selecting stronger drinks, it is necessary to taste Lithuanian mead. It is an exceptional product which You won’t find anywhere else, as the drink is made of local honey and herbs, which grew in the same region, in the way of natural fermentation with yeast. All mead has its exceptional taste and aroma.
Pleasant atmosphere, wonderful food and incomparable impressions – I suggest You ordering all that immediately.
Out-tasting is possible as well.


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