150 EUR

The region of Dieveniskiai is a specific, archaic land rich in its past, unique culture, beautiful nature, and frank people living there...

Dieveniskiai historical regional park is the cape in Southeast border of Lithuania, interrupting into the lands of Belarus. From the ancient times, in the region, there got along the Lithuanians, the Polish, the Byelorussians and the Jews. In the surrounding of various nations, there formed a unique sub-dialect of Dieveniskiai which has deserved the attention of the famous linguists. The visiting centre of the regional park has collected and displays the exposition of the region’s ethnography and craft reflecting the trades developed in the surrounding of Dieveniskiai since the old times – formerly, here were many smiths, coopers, shoemakers, tailors, weavers and sheepskin dressers.

Dieveniskiai historical regional park will fascinate You with its fabulous immense forests, picturesque views commemorating the magnificent past of this beautiful region of Lithuania. You will be really impressed with the historical heritage of this unusual scene. The newly-born folk songs, textile, ethnographical villages and wooden architecture of Dieveniskiai surroundings will make you feel like coming back to the old times but still in the 21st century.

The programm of the tour:
- Turgeliai and Turgeliai Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
- The republic of P. Bžostovskis-Paulava
 -Medininkai castle
- Aukstojas hill
- Becioniai mound
- Norviliskiu castle
- Wooden Church of Our Lady of the Rosary
- Dieveniskiai historical villages (Poskonys, Rimasiai)
- Gauja cognitive path

Tour price for 1-4 persons - 150 EUR
Tour price for the group 5+ - under the agreement.
The duration of the tour - 6 hours

Note: this tour takes place in the territory of the frontier, so it is essential to have identification!
Visit to Medininkai and Norviliskiu castle for additional fee.

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