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Astra Ona Maddis, USA, Denver Colorado
I highly recommend Marius for private tours, especially if you are interested in a family history tour. My parents and grandparents ... More details
Family from California, USA
While traveling to Lithuania from California, we (family of 4) had pleasure of meeting Marius Galadauskas. He was an excellent guide. He strived to provide highest possible quality of service at very reasonable price. He treated us in VIP fashion, for sure. More details
Podgor-Iuria Elisheva, Tour manager
It's been just 5 days as we had amazing tour in Lita with you and all our 34 members of this tour still shares the memories that you provided. On my behalf being also a guide and tour manager i must admit that You are really speciall and unique person and as a guide a true gift to those who choses you... More details
Dr. Elyahu, London
Shalom Mario...Its been some time since we came from Lita and we still live by the memories and experience you provided for us. More details
Carmel and Ilan Blumer, Israel
We have just come back from a week long travel with Marius, in the intention to look for our Lithuanian and Latvian Jewish roots. More details
We just came back from a memorable “roots” trip to Lithuania and Latvia. My mother, a holocaust survivor, was born and raised in Raseiniai Lithuania,which was the main reason for our visit. It took us years to decide thatwe are ready to make this trip. More details
Deborah and Ro’ee Orr, Israel
Marius is very knowledgeable about Jewish heritage in Lithuania and is acaring and sensitive guide, conscious of how important it is for Litvaks tosee the beautiful places their grandparents came from and respectful of theamazing Jewish culture that was once prevalent in Lithuania and waslargely wiped out... More details
Dr Larry Berman
Dear Marius. Once the decision was made to go and visit Lithuania, the home of my grandparents, the difficulty was now in finding a guide who could show me the places of interest I wanted to visit, especially with regard to the Jewish Heritage sites... More details
Linda (Lukosevicius-Bald)
You had done a Lithuania tour for my family (the Naujokas Family, we traveled to Vepriai-Nida-Zypliai-Klaipeda-Vidukle) about a month ago. We are still all talking about what a great trip it was, how lucky we are that we chose you as our guide and how important it was to have been able to go and see the country where our relatives came from. More details
Really nice guy!
I was part of a group excursion to Trakai and Kernave with Marius. More details
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