Deborah and Ro’ee Orr, Israel

Hi Marius,Hope you are well. We had a great time with you!
Marius is very knowledgeable about Jewish heritage in Lithuania and is acaring and sensitive guide, conscious of how important it is for Litvaks tosee the beautiful places their grandparents came from and respectful of theamazing Jewish culture that was once prevalent in Lithuania and waslargely wiped out.

Marius is actively involved in preservation andcommemoration and education efforts regarding Jewish Heritage in Lithuania and he is also a responsive guide and will adapt his tours if you clarifyexactly what you would like your focus to be.
He is a very caring guide andgood service is important to him from a to z - he will help you find anexcellent place to stay at a reasonable price and take you to great placesto eat and will worry about every aspect of your comfort. He even saw to itthat we were taken to the airport after we had already finished touringwith him!

Marius has a good sense of humour and is fun to be with and avery considerate person. We are glad that we toured Lithuania with him.

Deborah and Ro’ee Orr,

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