Podgor-Iuria Elisheva, Tour manager

Dear Marius,

It's been just 5 days as we had amazing tour in Lita with you and all our 34 members of this tour still shares the memories that you provided.
On my behalf being also a guide and tour manager i must admit that You are really speciall and unique person and as a guide a true gift to those who choses you.
Long time myself and my group haven't experienced such a joy and such impresive care of the guests.Every man on a tour felt like a king and every lady -like a queen.

We had a intense and difficult itinerary but the way you handeld it and every even smallest detail and upcoming problem was another way of excitment for You.
The group felt safe and knew that there is no task too difficult for you and no request stays unfulfilled.

Your kindness open heart and attitude is way above any expectations.The most important thing-is your LOVE that you give to all members on your tour and your indepth knowledge and hughe respect of jewish heritage and culture in Lita makes us remember every minute spent in Lita.
It is reall Gods gift to have such a great person as you are as a guide and being so well treated makes us want to come back to Lita once again and have more tours with You.
Best wishes from my group from Israel and personally myself.

You are best jewish heritage specialist i met in Baltics during our tour.

Now we really have a plans to come again and spend more time in Lita.

Podgor-Iuria Elisheva
Tour manager.

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