Family from California, USA

While traveling to Lithuania from California, we (family of 4) had pleasure of meeting Marius Galadauskas.  He was an excellent guide. He strived to provide highest possible quality of service at very reasonable price. He treated us in VIP fashion, for sure.
We booked several tours with him, all over Lithuania, and on every occasion he was on time, very courteous and professional.
His English was great, and were discussed even the most difficult of topics with great ease and at length.
He went extra mile to make us feel safe while traveling, he was very interested in what we were looking for, and he made us very comfortable.
He was very proud of his homeland, and was eager to show us the best of what was available. Marius had found a way to introduce us to rich heritage, complicated history, and natural beauty of Lithuania. He introduced us to various local points of interest, cultural and geographical landmarks, and, of course, high quality cuisine, both traditional and international.  
Overall, Marius is honest, direct, and won't take you "for a ride". He has been to every corner of the country and can show you hidden treasures along the back roads, away from main highways. 
Most importantly he made us feel safe and taken care of while traveling by car to far away places and in Vilnius.
Thank you, Marius!
smart foreash