Individual tour to Trakai Castle and Kernave
100 EUR

Visit Lithuania and not to visit the legendary Trakai Castle - so do not visit Lithuania.
Trakai and Kernave - two historical capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, surrounded by amazing nature.

Trakai Castle is lovely any time of year, but in the warm season Trakai offer tourists not only visit the historic sights, but also plenty of fun activities, such as concerts in the castle and the palace Tyshkevichs or sailing on the lake Galves.

  • Yachting in Galvė lake around Trakai castle (during the season),
  • tasting of “kibinai”,traditional karaites pastry
  • Trakai castle museum (on request),
  • Tiškevičiai estate homestead (during the season),
  • Regional park of Neris river turns.
  • Kernavė, Kernavė mounds,
  • gallery – museum of H. Orakauskas.
  • Dūkštos cognitive path,
  • Sudervė church.
Tour's time: 4 hours
Price: 100 Euro for 1-4 pers, 150 Euro for 5-6 pers.

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