Motti Inbari, Israel

I am very glad to recommend Marius as a tour guide.

We took a five days tour in Lithuania in June 2019.

Marius took us from the airport and stayed with us all days long until he returned us to the airport on the last day.  He showed us all the Jewish heritage locations, and brought us to the Shtetals where our grandparents were born.

He found the old synagogue and the cemetery in the villages and these were indeed very emotional moments. He also showed us the general cites and even took us shopping in Vilna.

Marius is fluent in English and he has a new and comfortable van. He has WiFi in the car, and he recommended to take excellent hotels and restaurants in Vilna and Kovno.

Feel welcome to contact if needed. I truly recommend him as a guide.


Motti Inbari

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